Register your drive by downloading the kit below. Please use the registration form in the kit to get started and to coordinate with the Food Bank. You can email, mail or drop it off. If you have any questions, contact the Operation Manager at 480-983-2995

Step 1

Read over the Food and Fund Drive Kit and let us know if you wish to host a drive for your church, RV Park, business, civic group, youth group or other organization.

Email us at [email protected], call us at 480-983-2995, stop in or mail us at 575 N. Idaho Rd. Suite #701, Superstition Community Food Bank, AZ 85119 to let us know when and where you want to do a drive. We can provide a collection box with our logo and list of most-needed food already imprinted on the side. We need all of your pertinent contact information so that our food drive chair or operations manager can reach you.

Click here to download the Food and Fund Drive Donor Form
Click here to download the Food and Fund Drive Coordinators Kit
Click here to download the Flyer to promote your Food Drive

Step 2

Update us on your progress and when we can help. This may mean arranging a pick-up for the donated food or preparing a receipt, if needed, at the end of the drive.

We value your input about how we can improve our process so that future organizers can conduct successful drives.

Additional Resources: 
Click here to download the 12 Most Wanted Foods
Click here to download Food Drive Themes